Area of Ziria

The Corinthian highlands sweep all round Mount Ziria, one of the highest in Greece. It consists of five summits , each one over 2000 m high. All the sites worth visiting in the highlands are near the village Kalianoi.
The visit can get carried away by the legends of Hercules and of his Labours. One associated with this lake, another with Nemea, not far off. All round the lake are marked walkways. Other, ideal for cycling. We can supply information about all the pathways of the Stimfalia lake. You can also visit the Enviroment Museum of Stimfalia, which organises many activities and school projects and events for groups as well. For more info, please visit the Museum Web Site.
At a stones throw from our hotel is Feneos with views out of this world. Near the man-made Doxa lake is the monastery of St George, that dates back to the 15th century and the tiny church of St Phanourios, on the little island in the lake. Goura is a small market town where you can admire many traditional stone manors. Feneos,also, offers many different alternatives for a good meal, cafe’s with views of the surrounding mountains. Feneos is accessible through the village Kastania, that is overrun by chestnut and other trees.
Trikala Corinthias
Trikala are actually made up of three villages, visited by many for the beauty of the region. There are many restaurants, cafe’s and hotels. The Byzantine monastery of St Vlasis in Ano Trikala attracts many visitors. You reach Trikala through the villages of Velina and Markasi.
Ziria Plateau
A skiing centre opened nearby on the slopes of Ziria. Coffee or snack can be bought at the chalet. There are two slopes to enjoy skiing and for those interested in other activities, you can find all the equipment on rent. Once at the Plateau, the beautiful Dasioy lake is worth stopping at especially for those not into something as challenging as ski or other mountain activities. There you can relax appreccating the awe-inspiring scenery. The Plateau is accessible through Trikala or Goura. There are also a number of tracks worth visiting but in winter if there has been heavy snowfall, the frost makes them difficult to access.
Then , there is Nemea, offering a wealth of mythology, history, culture and business. Don’t forget the world famous wines of Nemea. Nemea is accessible via the village Asprokampos. The Plateau, as all the highlands, provides recreation for anglers, bird watchers, nature lovers, pilgrims of religious sites, including Byzantine churches, chapels and monasteries. We also organise different happenings , such as weddings, christenings, children’s parties, anything tha would be of interest to you, making use of our taverna or complex grounds. We also organize outdoor workout ( pillates, yoga, zumba) when asked to.
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